Dawn B. – Bloomingdale, IL

Kris A. - Backus, MN

These booties are absolutely the cutest and they stay on always!

Allison L. - Longmont, CO

The Vivi G'z booties are adorable and have so many practical features! (I'm especially excited they fit high on his legs, so they'll actually stay on his feet!)

Karmen Y. – Ontario, CAN

This mama is SO happy to say we made it through an entire IKEA trip as well as a 2 hr. car ride to Toronto without losing a bootie or sock. And considering how vigorously MacKenna flails her legs and kicks her feet, that’s saying a lot!

Being the finder of lost socks and booties for this girls is practically a full time job, and what mama has time for that?! So I was pretty excited and hopeful when I received the cute pair of Vivi G’z signature booties. These are specially designed to prevent babies from pulling off and losing socks and booties, and to keep legs and ankles warm when their pants ride up. I can honestly say they lived up to their promise amazingly. While Mackenna was out and about in a shopping cart, during our lunch stop, and on the long car ride when her legs are usually extra restless, the Vivi G’z booties didn’t budge.


Amanda M. – Chicago, IL

 My son’s socks are always sliding off and getting lost of I don’t have his Vivi G’z booties on.


Lindsay J. – Dallas, TX

Loving the booties. We can’t get socks or shoes to stay on my daughter so I love how they don’t come off. I’ve actually ordered another pair in black so that she can wear in place of her black boots that never stay on her feet.


Agata R. – New Jersey

The booties are amazing. Not only stylish but so practical. It’s so difficult to keep anything on babies feet and I hate losing socks or boots while we are out (seems to happen a lot)….but these stay on without fail. Finally, someone came up with a solution that actually works. You can tell it was a woman who had children that designed those. Thumbs up for a great product. I recommend them to other mommies. You won’t regret it!