Baby Sprinkle Shower Gifts Moms Actually Need


While pregnant with my second baby, my family and friends threw me a “sprinkle” baby shower.

Having no idea what a sprinkle shower was or that I would ever have another shower, I was grateful to receive any additional support. The thought of thinking about more stuff that I needed was overwhelming.

Let’s face it, adding another child is hectic, so adding anything but useful gear to the daily haul is crucial. I’ve put together some must-haves to enhance and streamline mom-life, gaining back sanity and time.

Whether traveling to your next play-date or on a trip across the country, this super convenient on-the-go baby changing kit by Honest Company will keep mom organized. This chic organizer has room for diapers, wipes and other baby changing essentials. Side note: I’ve always loved their selection of printed diapers and their assortment of organic products.  

Another great sprinkle gift is a cuddly toy. My girls all loved their soother blankets, this cute Jellycat Grey Bunny Soother Blanket from Nordstrom will bring a smile to your little one’s face and act as a comforting cuddle buddy.

I’m all about making mom-life easier. Which is why I created Vivi G’z Baby Booties several years ago. After my first was born, I immediately realized there was a void in baby footwear products that actually stayed on their feet. I created Vivi G’z baby booties to help eliminate the “case of the missing sock”. Vivi G’z booties have patent-pending technology that stays on baby’s feet, even when baby wants nothing more than to take them off. Our “Frankie” heather grey cuff belted baby booties are made of soft cotton-polyester fleece fabric and have a non-slip grip sole. This is the baby shower sprinkle gift that never knew she needed.

Another nice option for a sprinkle shower gift is an essential oils diffuser and oils. Oil diffusers are an amazing way to bring the spa into your home. If you haven’t tried them yet, I suggest checking out this Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser from Target with 3 hours of continuous misting and a cool light sensory element, this is a great starter diffuser for baby’s room.  Don’t forget to get the oils, I love this brand Aura Casia Essential Oils also found at Target.

My last mom-hack to make this list is the perfect backpack. Switching from a traditional over-the-shoulder diaper bag to a backpack was one of the best things I ever did. When moms move from one to two kids and are caring for an infant, hand-free is the way to go. I’m loving this Quicksilver Diaper BackPack from Nordstrom. This one gives her a cool-mom vibe while streamlining the mommy haul. Bonus: diaper backpacks are designed with more cushions on the shoulder straps and are proven to be better for your back because they evenly distribute the weight.

Baby Sprinkle Showers are a fun way to let the moms-to-be in your life that you are excited for the new baby without going overboard and adding more things that they most likely won’t need. Check out this baby sprinkle guide from The Bump for more a comprehensive guide to throwing and attending a sprinkle baby shower. Refer back to my post last holiday season for some more great gifts ideas for new moms.  




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