How Grandmothers Help - Let Me Count the Ways!

I realize I am very fortunate to be close to my parents. Not only in proximity but also as a family. In fact, we moved back to the neighborhood I grew up in to be closer to them and to be able to raise our children in the school district that I went to years ago. But I want to emphasize that it was more the former, we needed help and they were more than willing to give it. Let’s be honest, as working parents, we all need a little help most of the time. 

Having this extra support has helped me in many ways and I know that if you are reading this you may have this help or be on the opposite spectrum and need the extra help. Either way, it's always a good idea to ask for the help that you need.  Sometimes people don't even know that you need it and are more than willing to help. 

Trust me, I do not take our Grandparent help for granted. Having their support has allowed my children the chance to bond with them and understand their roots in ways that stories and bi-annual visits would not allow. They get to learn about me in ways that I wouldn’t think to share, like that time when I was little and did the same funny thing that they do. Spending this quality time with them is fleeting and I would not trade that for anything.

My incredible mom helps shuttle the kids back and forth to the bus stop and their innumerable activities that seem to just keep adding up, she steps in and is there for them after school when I can't make it back from Chicago after a long day at the manufacturers. She is me when I can't be there!  

When I started my business 3 years ago, my family signed on to help immediately. They believed in my vision and have become the financial and creative leaders. My father is the CFO and business strategist and my mom, the creative director. She took on another level of support to me. Not only was she supporting me emotionally, and continuing to help with the kids, but she also became the creative director of my company. An easy transition and role for her.

Allison Childs, CEO of Vivi Gz with Mother

As an artist, former fashion department head, instructor and designer, she has decades of teaching, fashion design and business expertise. Secondly, she is a pattern maker, so can alter patterns and make changes.

My mom’s role has become so much more.  She is the glue that helps keeps my business running smoothly. On a daily basis, she switches gears based on the sporadic needs of my family and the immediate needs of my business. Lucky is an understatement to have this rare opportunity to work closely with my mom. She is the Zen master in my business, a calming and grounding influence that I am beyond grateful for. If you are a small business owner or are thinking about starting your own small business, I recommend making a short list of people who will be your support system and trusted advisers along the journey, you will need them. 

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