5 Fun Ways to Survive Spring Break with your Tiny Humans

Spring break is awesome!  We all remember when we were kids looking forward to the mini vacation that led up to the glorious summer vacation that would soon precede it. As we got older, it became even more exciting because we would be out of school and most likely going on a trip somewhere with friends. It’s funny how those tables turn as a mom.

As working moms, we need to stay united and share the best ways to survive this week when let’s face it, we still need to get work done.

Ali’s top 5 ways to survive spring break:

  1. Get your kids involved - if they have input into the activities that you will be doing, they will be a part of the planning and ultimately have more fun during the break. Additionally, if they are involved in the planning and helping figure out logistics and where we would be going, they are also learning crucial life skills, such as budgeting, transportation, managing getting from one activity to another, as well as figuring out what they like and didn’t. Helpful for future planning.
  2. Don’t break the bank!  For our spring break this year, I told my husband we were going to do as many “free” activities that we could find. This forced me think more creatively. I recommend, finding free nights at your local museums, visiting a new park or pool fun! Look in your local parent and children’s magazine, ours is Chicago Parent. They are a great resource for things to do with kids of all ages. I like to pick an area or neighborhood that I haven’t explored with my kids yet. You never know what new treasures that await.
  3. Even though we spent money to stay in the hotel, we were resourceful. We chose a hotel  that not only offered breakfast, but had an evening reception as well. Win-win! Breakfast by day for all, and snacks/pre dinner for the kids and wine for me by night! It also had a pool - another activity that was at the top of the list for fun and didn’t cost too much.
  4. Get Out!! Spring break is when the weather will start changing, get out from behind the electronics. Find some new paths and take a walk or ride your bike. The fresh air will energize you and you will feel new. You will be amazed at what happens when you change the dynamic of the situation as well as when your children don’t have electronics for a week.
  5. Change up your routine!  I know for me, I get bogged down in the “sameness” of our routine that we need for school days. Have a special treat after breakfast or before lunch. Volunteer some time as a family. Find something that everyone will enjoy, you will never grasp the impact that will have on you and your kids.

We suggest reading these fun mommy blogs that offer up fun and inexpensive things to do with your little ones:  Mommy Poppins - Rookie Moms - Mom Blog Society -  ModernMom and TripAdvisor to help you plan excursions!

As always, we love to hear what you are doing. Share your favorite spring break activities and blogs that you follow to stay on top of how to entertain your kids when you need still need to get things done.

Most of all, take the time to focus on them and have fun! 

xox, Ali 


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